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2nd Apr 2011
25th Dec 2012
Enjoy! Basic Core Layout by " awesome " btw, use SPRK on the buttons if that wasnt obvious. If you like to use anything, feel free to do so, and if u feel like it, give credit =D
want-realistic-meltdown- realistic-electronics-electric cool-logo- the-best-reactor orsuuuuummmm-dude---- what-do-you-do it-stopped-working iekdr oneofbestsaves original


  • Also why are people threatening to dox each other over a reactor made 10 years ago
  • pov:twitter
  • Amo:I :| it's normal
  • Amo
    24th May
    Im kinda new in TPT and when i saw this i just tought it was a cool save, when i saw the coments secion i discoberd how the tpt comunity really was.
  • stepan243
    13th March
    devin2:fun fact, you dont have any tips to get my ip and even if you have it you too lazy to go in my country only for milk.
  • stepan243
    13th March
    devin2:say my ip lier
  • devin2
    18th January
    @stepan243 i pulled ur ip better have 1 eye open when you sleep imma steal your milk bozo
  • volcanoes123
    22nd Nov 2021
  • Phoenix2k10
    11th Oct 2021
    Calling something unrealistic doesn't make you immediately toxic, he never shifted blame, instead, people werent being toxic until a guy called him something profane.
  • levi42
    8th Oct 2021
    i made my own reactor and ran into the same problem so i used deut.