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9th August
10th August
Misaka Mikoto, the lead role of a Japanese anime "A Certain Scientific Railgun". (I think it can be translated like that. :P) She can control electric power. .(Generator?) I spent about 6 hours working on it. Enjoy! :) !Deco on!
weebz certified scientific tsundere electromaster misaka railgun anime japan otaku


  • patrrys
    16th August
    gay ass weeb
  • showoff2500
    15th August
    any blush is a window for lewd
  • Bajiru
    14th August
    Nice pixel art! The mincho font is awesome!
  • potatomilk
    14th August
    no. +1
  • Nuclear1449
    13th August
    I put the picture under the TPT window, and I minimize the TPT to see the picture, and drew a line. Did it again and again, and I finished the frame of the art, and painted it. I use RGB to copy the colour. I hope you can understand what I say, my English is no good. Thank you guys!
  • MinecraftTranquility
    13th August
    freestuffguy If they didn't have a life they wouldn't be posting about it, don't be stupid.
  • squishy101
    13th August
    not a fan of anime but you did a nice job +1
  • Imafurrydealwithit
    13th August
    how did you get the mincho font so perfect in tpt?
  • JackX
    13th August
    Oh, I wondered why it looked bad, my deco defaulted to off
  • duduRPGtubeHD
    13th August
    Adorei o mapa embora nao seja de papel.. so q comecei a idolatrar essa menina ai e fiz uma almofada dela porem sai com ela pelas ruas e fua atacado po um grupo de terroristas viatnenhos q me arrastaram para o beco e das sombras ele surgiu ele mesmo ele o verde grande grosso e prazeroso foi entao q eu acordei e meus pais estavam mortos ... SEGUE ANEXO DO PROSCESSO JURIDICO....