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9th Jun 2018
22nd Dec 2020
nothing mode, unpause
iseethelight aaaaaaah thisisonfp thisismadness whyisthatonf whyisthatonfp fpisdying wtfisthisonfp whywhy joking


  • Brandon8ball
    10th Dec 2019
    use 5 (cts)
  • logic6
    16th Jun 2018
    press 3 for flashbang
  • hymera
    16th Jun 2018
    Try GRVT at center
  • NoNStopWarrior
    14th Jun 2018
    When i open it it was interesting , when i unpause ,i felt sick -1
  • NoVIcE
    13th Jun 2018
    FP depends on people doing cool stuff. If noone does anything, naturally, you wont see saves like those in the 2nd page. However im pretty sure something really cool will pop out of the blue soon.
  • Admiral_Awesome
    13th Jun 2018
    Maybe there should be a ratio on simple saves and complicated saves on fp.
  • R33sesK1ng
    13th Jun 2018
    Since constructiveness is going out the window in different ways, it is probable that the next best action that a mod could take is to add these types of pages.
  • R33sesK1ng
    13th Jun 2018
    This is why I say "Made in loving memory of FP." People have been throwing out the concept of hard work and general worth of a save (determined by how easy it is to repeat or understand) lately, and I'm clearly not the only one whose sick of it -- just one of the few willing to write needlessly lengthy essays about my feelings. Making several more pages and/or page types would be a bit more helpful.
  • Jaystrike
    13th Jun 2018
    i was just doing a parody of infinity war replacing it with what ppl have a problem with in TPT these days.
  • powderskye
    13th Jun 2018
    yeah, all this is is a fps killer consisting of grav and ehol.