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16th Mar 2011
27th Mar 2011
This is a group of electronicc devices. All are made by me, although I got the idea for several of these through Mur or other people who make similer things. They are either my own version or improvements.


  • AlphaEpic
    18th Jan 2012
    @thedarkstar sorry but when i chose thes name it was before i knew the other AlphaEpic on powdergame becose it was a long time ago i had played powdergame and some days mounths ago i have seen his work and i cannot change my name but i am deffenetly not that alphaepic there btw nice electronic devices 1+
  • nbah22
    22nd Mar 2011
    Yes, I did something like this but it didn't look nice, so I decided not to publish it.
  • TheDarkStar
    22nd Mar 2011
    It's OK
  • TMC1995
    20th Mar 2011
    sorry i ment to vote up