80 / 33
5th Sep 2010
4th Jul 2012
Reuploaded yet again, unpause to watch a 5-15 second war
nuclear world-asplodes very-grim explosion


  • LucasRincon
    25th Apr 2016
    10/10 would turn earth into supernuke again
  • heretik
    11th Sep 2014
    um..... no.
  • beanoboyz
    10th Aug 2014
    This would be a lot more realistic if the world didn't blow up...
  • Buntd
    8th Apr 2014
    Depends where you detonate. If you were to detonate nukes in a tectonic fault, you could effectively blow a hole in the crust.
  • wolfalston1
    8th Jan 2014
    this is the most un realistic bs i've ever seen yes you can see nukles from space and yes ther is enough nukes to destroy life on earth as we know it in fact there are six diffrent nuke silos and 3 fall out shelters near my home but even with all thouse knukes its not enough power to destroy our plant, any planet or even the moon like that
  • josiah2003
    17th Nov 2013
    don't worry i want copy it without permition
  • TheDarkStar
    13th Sep 2013
    The earth is 6 sextillion tons. The combined explosion of all nuclear devices is ~7000 megatons. The largest asteroid ever was 25,000 megatons. Humans couldn't even scratch the earth seriously.
  • Kikinicij
    25th Jun 2013
    Wow really cool dude!
  • AggresiveCows
    27th May 2013
    i dont think planets explode when you nuke them
  • msasterisk
    21st Nov 2012
    @circovic: It might not take long to destroy Earth with antimatter because a proton-antiproton is 500x as destructive as a hydrogen bomb. BOOM.