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(Removed Hidden, Section, and Conductive for now (we'll add them back later), and fixed some paramater names)
(please don't break (attempt to fix temperatures about 1,000))
Line 18: Line 18:
| data6 = {{{gravity}}}
| data6 = {{{gravity}}}
| label7 = [[Temperature]]
| label7 = [[Temperature]]
| data7 = {{#expr:{{formatnum:{{{temperature}}}}}-273.15}} &deg;C<br/>{{formatnum:{{{temperature}}}}} K<br/>{{#expr:({{formatnum:{{{temperature}}}}}*(9/5))-459.67}} &deg;F
| data7 = {{#expr:{{formatnum:{{{{{temperature}}}}}-273.15}}}} &deg;C<br/>{{formatnum:{{{temperature}}}}} K<br/>{{#expr:({{formatnum:{{{{{temperature}}}}}*(9/5))-459.67}}}} &deg;F
| label8 = [[Heat Conductivity]]
| label8 = [[Heat Conductivity]]
| data8 = {{{heatconduct}}}
| data8 = {{{heatconduct}}}

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[[File:{{{icon}}}]] {{{longname}}}
Advection {{{advection}}}
Airdrag {{{airdrag}}}
Airloss {{{airloss}}}
Loss {{{loss}}}
Gravity {{{gravity}}}
Temperature Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". °C
{{{temperature}}} K
Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". °F
Heat Conductivity {{{heatconduct}}}
Diffusion {{{diffusion}}}
Flammability {{{flammable}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Explosive {{{explosive}}}
Meltable {{{meltable}}}