Subframe - Revision history 2021-12-03T21:36:22Z Revision history for this page on the wiki MediaWiki 1.30.0 Maticzpl: Page about Subframe (work in progress) 2021-07-12T16:48:00Z <p>Page about Subframe (work in progress)</p> <p><b>New page</b></p><div><br /> == What's Subframe? ==<br /> Subframe is a general name for technology that abuses particle update order.<br /> <br /> == Particle Order ==<br /> Every frame in The Powder Toy all the particles are updated one after another according to their ID.<br /> <br /> When you hover over a particle the ID is visible next to X and Y values but only when the debug HUD (toggle it with &quot;D&quot; key) is enabled.<br /> <br /> Every time you load a save all the particles are ordered from left to right and top to bottom.<br /> That means they will also be updated in that order. You should always assume that order or your contraptions can break when reloading the save.<br /> <br /> [[File:ParticleUpdateOrder.gif]]<br /> <br /> == Solid Spark ==<br /> Solid sparks are used to activate other particles like {{MaterialBtn | ARAY}}, {{MaterialBtn | DRAY}}, {{MaterialBtn | CRAY}} etc. every frame. It can bypass the spark cooldown and how spark normally blinks.<br /> <br /> [[File:SolidSpark.gif]]<br /> <br /> '''How to build it:'''<br /> A solid spark is made using at least 3 particles: <br /> <br /> 1. Any element that can be sparked (like {{MaterialBtn | METL}})<br /> <br /> 2. {{MaterialBtn | CONV}} with the CTYPE of the element above<br /> <br /> 3. {{MaterialBtn | BTRY}} or {{MaterialBtn | CONV}} with CTYPE of {{MaterialBtn | SPRK}}<br /> <br /> Their IDs have to be in that order to work<br /> ID of 1 &lt; ID of 2 &lt; ID of 3<br /> <br /> '''How it works:'''<br /> In the first frame nothing happens and at the end the 1st particle gets sparked by the 3rd particle.<br /> <br /> In the second frame:<br /> <br /> 1st particle (now being a SPRK) life decreases (from 4 to 3) and now can trigger elements like {{MaterialBtn | ARAY}}, {{MaterialBtn | DRAY}} etc.<br /> <br /> 2nd particle replaces the sparked 1st particle, so its not sparked anymore.<br /> <br /> Now that the 1st particle isn't sparked the 3rd particle can spark it again (thus avoiding the spark cooldown and blinking).<br /> <br /> So the 1st particle gets sparked, the spark is replaced, and gets sparked again.<br /> <br /> <br /> {{Languages|Subframe}}<br /> <br /> [[Category:Work in progress]]</div> Maticzpl