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Stickman is a character which can be controlled by the character using arrow keys. Stickman 2 is simply another entity controlled by the WASD keys.

One of the special abilities of stickman is to absorb and gain abilities of elements. When a particle contacts the stickman's head, the stickman usually gains the ability to spit that element out of its head.

Notable combinations: Gel can be put inside the head of stickman Stickman can use Broken metal to charge metal objects


Stickman has a natural life of 100. This can be brought down, but not up, by certain elements in the game. By using the console, this value could be brought up. If the life value is over or equal to 10000, hovering the mouse key over the stickman reveals a cross, and depending on the stickman element, it is white in the middle, and gradiates to the elemental color. In general, increasing the life value will increase the size of the cross. It almost appears to grow a pixel for each order of magnitude. At a life value of 10^9 this cross dissapears.

List of things that kill stkm: (Results can vary

Sparked metal instantaneous:-41 prolonged: -411

Temperature has no bearing on dmage dealt

Heat (Greater than 62 C):-2 per frame (Stickman automatically jumps up and down in a temperature extreme to stay alive)