Sign commands

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{t} / {temp} shows temperature: Tempsign.png

{p} / {pres} shows pressure: Pressign.png

{c:<creation number>|message} creates a link to another creation: Bluesign.png

{t:<thread number>|message} creates a link to a thread in the forums: Bluesign.png

{s:<search text>|message} creates a link to search for saves with the specified search text: Bluesign.png

{b|message} creates a button sign that produces a spark when clicked: Sprksign.png

{type} shows type: TypeorCtype.png

{ctype} shows ctype: TypeorCtype.png

{tmp} shows tmp: TmporLife.png

{tmp2} shows tmp2: TmporLife.png

{life} shows life: TmporLife.png

{a} / {aheat} shows ambient heat: Aheat.png