Scons command line flags

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This page will explain all the SCons command line flags. Note that --release --sse --sse2 --no-warnings are all enabled by default. Use --no-sse, --wall, or --debugging to disable these.

Some of these options are also auto-detected. Your platform is detected so --win / --lin / --mac aren't needed unless you are cross compiling. Some cross compilers are also auto-detected on Linux so --tool may not be needed. --64bit and --32bit shouldn't be necessary either.

Name Description Example usage
parallel compilation Compiles in multiple threads, significally decreases compilation time if the number of threads equals the number of cores on your system. -j4
Build Sets the build directory. --build-dir build/powder64
Windows Targets the Windows platform --win
Linux Targets the Linux platform --lin
Mac OS X Targets the Mac OS X platform. --mac
MSVC Compiles using the Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler --msvc
Tool Prefix for toolchain executables used for cross compiling. --tool i586-ming32msvc-
Beta Makes a beta build. --beta
Save Version Defines save version. --save-version 89
Minor Version Defines the minor version. --minor-version 1
Build Number Defines the build number. --build-number 281
Snapshot Makes a snapshot build. --snapshot
Snapshot ID Defines the snapshot ID. --snapshot-id 12345
64-bit Compiles a 64-bit (AMD64) version --64bit
32-bit Compiles a 32-bit (i386) version --32bit
Universal Compiles a universal (32 and 64 bit) binary, OS X only --universal
No SSE Compiles a legacy version, for older computers --no-sse
SSE Compiles an SSE-enabled, and thus, non-legacy binary. --sse
SSE2 Enables SSE2 optimisations. --sse2
SSE3 Enables SSE3 optimisations. --sse3
Native Compiles with --march=native --native
Release Enables compiler optimization and makes a release build (slows down compiling) --release
Debugging Enables Debug Options --debugging
Static Linking Reduces external library dependencies --static
OpenGL Use OpenGL to render the interface --opengl
OpenGL Particles Use OpenGL to render particles (turns on --opengl) --opengl-renderer
Renderer Compiles the save renderer --renderer
Error on warnings Any compiler errors turn into warnings --wall
No warnings Ignore all compiler warnings --no-warnings
No FFT Do not use fftw3f for gravity. --nofft
No Lua Disables all Lua scripting features. --nolua
Executable name Create an executable with a different name --output MyMod.exe