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These elements are not in any menu. Most of them are alternate forms of other elements. There was a secret elements menu, accessed by pressing Alt+Ctrl, but it was removed in version 46.3. Currently, they can be accessed from the search menu, the console, PROP, copy/paste, or by selecting them with the middle mouse button


"Steam train." After being placed, it moves either left or right, leaving behind a very thick trail of SMKE.


A solid element that forms instantly into the shape of a heart and is colored pink.

When DEST is dropped on love, more love is created :D Also LOVE has a starting temperature of 99.85 degrees Celsius, while most substances start at 22 C.


Similar to LOVE, but takes the form of the letters "lol" and is colored dark green. It also has the same starting temperature of LOVE. Just like LOVE, destroying it with DEST only makes more of it.


This element is a liquid form of FRZZ, essentially WATR below 0 degrees but not ice. It can be created by careful manual cooling or mixing FRZZ with WATR.


BIZR in gas form, created by cooling BIZR.


BIZR in solid form, created by heating BIZR.


BRAY is created from SPRKed ARAY. The BRAY element rapidly fades after its creation with a life of 30 frames. If two BRAYs collide, they will form a "solid" BRAY where they intersect that has a life value of about 1000 frames. BRAY can be colored using FILT. There is also another type of BRAY that is created when the ARAY is sparked by PSCN, it is brown and has a life of only one frame.


Functions as a spawn point for STKM if it dies. If more than on is placed on a map, STKM will only respawn on the first one that was placed.


Functions as a spawn point for STK2 if it dies.


This element is dead yeast. Yeast dies and turns into this when it is heated too much, or if Neutrons (NEUT) touch it. If DYST is heated up even more it will turn into Dust.

SHD2.png SHD3.png SHD4.png SHD2, 3, and 4

Created when SHLD is Sparked. SHD3 and SHD4 will regenerate particles of SHLD and SHD2, respectively, when there is nothing surrounding them.


Equal velocity dust. Originally a test for moving solids, this powder currently does not do anything, and may be replaced in the future.