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Introduced in version 74.0, the Force Creating materials are used to affect different types of matter with force. The original name of the menu was Force.

ACEL Accelerator

colour: blue

Accelerates energy-type particles (PHOT, NEUT, ELEC). ACEL must be parallel with a one pixel gap to be most effective.

DCEL Decelerator

colour: green

Opposite of ACEL; decelerates energy-type particles.

FRAY Force Ray Emitter

colour: light blue

When powered, affects materials with velocity in a straight area. The direction of this is determined in the same way than with the A-ray Emitter. The temperature of the FRAY particle determines the velocity force. If cold, it will pull matter to it, and if hot, it will push matter away.

RPEL Repeller

colour: light green

Pushes matter away or pulls it depending on the temperature. Does not need electricity to work.