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Introduced in version 74.0, the Force Creating materials are used to affect different types of matter with force. The original name of the menu was Force.

Accelerator [ACEL]

colour: blue

Accelerates energy-type particles (PHOT, NEUT, ELEC). ACEL must be parallel with a one pixel gap to be most effective. Has no effect on powders.

Decelerator [DCEL]

colour: green

Opposite of ACEL; decelerates energy-type particles. DCEL also has no effect on powders.

Force Ray Emitter [FRAY]

colour: light blue

When powered, affects materials with velocity in a straight area. The direction of this is determined in the same way than with the A-ray Emitter. The temperature of the FRAY particle determines the velocity force. If cold, it will pull matter to it, and if hot, it will push matter away.

Repeller [RPEL]

colour: light green

Pushes matter away or pulls it depending on the temperature. Does not need electricity to work.