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STKM.png Stickman
Section Special
Spawn temperature 36.6°C
Heat Conductivity 0%
Relative weight 50
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
High temperature FIRE.png above 346.85°C
Misc properties
Source code

Experiment with the harsh conditions possible on the powder toy using your own mortal stick man! He is affected by gravity and air.

Use the left and right arrow keys to make him run, and use the up key to make him jump. If you play TPT on a phone, no worries! Since Version 97.0, you can control STKM.png with touch controls, found on the right side of the screen when you place a STKM.png. The legs still are slightly glitchy but have considerably improved. Occasionally, his feet may stretch to outrageous lengths and then proceed to throw him violently about and even through solids.

By touching stickman's head against an element (or particular walls), his ctype will change to that element, his head will change color, and then by pressing Down he'll spit out that element. You can change the element he spits out by changing his ctype using PROP.png or Console. (i.e. '!set ctype stkm fire' in the console will change his ctype to FIRE.png, and cause him to start spitting out flames')

Note that if you place his head against a metal, a SPRK.png will be generated and he will spark the metal. This feature enables stickmen to use electronics, or even guns.

Stickman sparking a metal

Stickman sinks in water, but he can technically swim.

Extreme heat (greater than 49.85 C) or cold (less than -30.15) will eat away at Stickman's health, and extreme pressure (about pressure =4.00) will instantly liquefy him by forming a mound of the powder that his head is made of.

Stkm getting destroyed by pressure.

Lower pressures can throw stickman around. He isn't affected by extreme vacuum. Radioactive elements and life elements also damage and kill him, and anything else that seems dangerous (like ACID.png or FIRE.png).

When spawned in, stickman has a default HP value of 100. When his hp reaches 0, he dies. Once STKM.png dies, it will turn into DUST.png. His HP is determined by his life value. Therefore, increasing his life value through PROP.png or the Console can increase his HP to even above 100. Type '!set life stkm 1000' to give STKM.png a HP value of 1000! :D

By touching him against PLNT.png, he will eat the plant and regenerate health, up to the default of 100 hp. If his hp is above 100, the plant will not heal him, and no matter what his hp was before (through editing his life value), it will always only heal up to 100 hp.

Stickman being healed by a plant. Free HP :D

STKM.png can have rocket boots equipped when he passes through the gravity wall. Press [up] ↑ on the arrow keys to control his altitude. Press [left] ← or [right] → to control his horizontal velocity. To brake, press [left] ← and [right] → at the same time. To deactivate rocket boots, Let the stickman go through E-HOLE. Rocket boots fire PLSM.png.
It is noted that FIGH.png also have the ability to use rocket boots.
Stickman can also move around powders when running into them. Stickman using rocket boots after passing through Gravity Wall

When spawned in, along with STKM.png, SPWN.png is created. SPWN.png is STKM.png's spawnpoint, and when STKM.png dies, it is spawned back in at SPWN.png's X Y coordinates. SPWN.png is a hidden element accessible through the Search Menu or spawning STKM.png. If you place a SPWN.png, a STKM.png will spawn.

STKM.png can also shoot air by passing through FAN wall, and will gain a complete immunity to pressure. Stickman surviving extreme pressure due to putting head in FAN Wall

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