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SMKE.png Smoke
Smoke, created by fire.
Section Gases
Spawn temperature 342°C
Heat Conductivity 35.2%
Relative weight 1
Gravity -0.1
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Gas
High temperature FIRE.png above 351.85°C
Misc properties
Source code


Smoke can be created by sealing FIRE.png in a closed container. Can also be created when the element FIRE.png burns at a lower temperature, E.g. DESL.png or OIL.png, not things like NITR.png or HYGN.png, they burn at a relatively high temperature. The element MORT.png will continuously emit smoke.


Smoke in contact with PLNT.png will turn the SMKE.pnginto OXYG.png

When touching PTNM.png, it will turn into CO2.png.

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