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NEUT.png Neutrons
Section Radioactive
Spawn temperature 26°C
Heat Conductivity 24%
Relative weight -1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Energy particle
Misc properties
Source code

A particle unaffected by gravity which travels in all directions. It has odd interactions with other elements, as well as being fissile with Plutonium (PLUT) and Deuterium Oxide (DEUT).

Neutrons can also harm stickman/fighters

NEUT is affected by Newtonian Gravity.

NEUT changes certain elements into other elements i.e.:

  • Turns Plutonium into Stone, Uranium, Neutrons, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns Deuterium Oxide into Neutrons, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns Gunpowder into Dust.
  • Turns Plant into WOOD.
  • Turns Dust into First Firework.
  • Turns Nitroglycerin into GAS/OIL/DESL.
  • Turns C-4 into GOO.
  • Turns Water into Distilled Water.
  • Turns ACID into ISOZ.
  • Turns DESL into GAS.
  • Turns Yeast into Dead Yeast(DYST).
  • Turns COAL into WOOD.

When passing through GOLD, a small percentage of the neutrons passing through will disappear.

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