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Solid. Conducts electricity. Meltable
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Spawn temperature -251.15°C
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Flammability No
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Metal can be created by mixing molten IRON with BCOL and then cooling.


Metal reacts with SPRK,to form an electricity path. Other ways Metal can do this, is when it comes into contact with BTRY, THDR, ELEC, LIGH, or other metals that have "passed on" the SPRK. Metal will not give a spark to or take a spark from INST, NTCT, PTCT or INWR. Metal is capable of giving a spark to WIFI but not taking a spark from it. While frequently sparking Metal, Metal will create small amounts of pressure and grow warmer, as Metal grows warmer it acquires a reddish colour. Metal can also conduct heat.


Metal will melt into molten metal at 1000C/1273.15K.


Good for many electronics, circuits, switches, batteries, et cetera. It can be used like copper is used.


This save shows how to make metal from COAL and Molten Iron.
This save shows you a cool spark maze, using Metal’s life and electricity.