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LCRY.png Liquid Crystal
Changes colour when charged. (PSCN Charges, NSCN Discharges)
Section Powered Materials
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Solid
High temperature BGLA.png above 999.85°C
Source code

In-Game Description

Liquid Crystal. Changes colour when charged. (PSCN charges, NSCN discharges)


LCRY will melt into BGLA at 1000°C but will not shatter under pressure. PHOT can pass through while LCRY is activated. When decoed, LCRY will use that instead of the default dark and light gray.


Acts as an LCD screen (hence "Liquid Crystal" Display). Good for many animations, coloured or black/white.


Using the PHOT pass property, you can make a controlled solar-panel(s). You can make a animation if you deactivate and reactivate different LCRY panels.

How to use

Spark travelling through PSCN, when touching liquid crystal, will activate it. Spark travelling through NSCN, when touching liquid crystal, will deactivate it.

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