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ICE.png Ice
Section Solids
Spawn temperature -28°C
Heat Conductivity 18.4%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 2%
Flammability 0
State Solid
High temperature transition occurs above -21.1°C
High pressure SNOW.png above 0.8 pressure
Misc properties
Allows neutrons to pass through
Source code

Cold (spawns at -28C) frozen water. Shatters into snow under a pressure of 0.8. It also generates a small amount of negative pressure around it. Melts at 0 C, or -21.1°C for ice formed from SLTW.

Its ctype determines what it will melt into. For example, ICE with a ctype of SLTW will turn into SLTW when it melts.

ICE with a ctype of FRZW will cool down indefinitely.

Language: [[::Element:ICE|English]]