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GBMB.png Gravity Bomb
Sticks to the first object it touches then produces a strong gravity push.
Section Force Elements
Spawn temperature 20°C
Heat Conductivity 11.6%
Relative weight 30
Gravity 0.1
Acid dissolve rate 2%
Flammability 0
State Powder
Misc properties
Source code


Only with brush and clone.

Reactions & Properties

Gravity bomb is a theoretical element, and advanced explosive element in the game. It is a very similar element to BOMB.png, because of it's light powder state, and ability to impact upon other elements with an explosion. It has a rich blue color, and appears to shimmer as it approaches faster speeds when it falls

Gravity bomb is a very unique "explosive". It is the only explosive in the game that does not deliver a thermal effect when it detonates (other than DMG.png under certain conditions). It instead sends out ruptures in the Newtonian gravity map with bursts of strong positive gravity (pulling effect) and then negative gravity (pushing effect). The forces are strong enough break some brittle solids, such as GLAS.png and BMTL.png. GBMB delivers more powerful effects the closer it is to other particles, but it still does an effect on the whole screen, but significantly less the further things are away from it. The gravity shockwaves can effect the path of energy type particles on the screen.


In bombs and the creation of Newtonian Gravity

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