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FRZZ.png Freeze powder
When melted, forms ice that always cools. Spreads with regular water.
Section Powders
Spawn temperature -20°C
Heat Conductivity 18.4%
Relative weight 50
Gravity 0.05
Acid dissolve rate 2%
Flammability 0
State Powder
Low temperature ICE.png below -223.15°C
High temperature FRZW.png above 0°C
High pressure SNOW.png above 1.8 pressure
Source code

Light cold particles, which quickly freeze water through a cascading effect.


Freeze powder freezes water through a series of reactions. First, water is turned into freeze water:

WATR.png + FRZZ.pngFRZW.png

Next, freeze water converts nearby water into more freeze water:

WATR.png + FRZW.png → 2×FRZW.png

Finally, freeze water solidifies into ice with ctype FRZW:


The resulting ice will get colder by itself, until it hits -273.15°C. Freeze powder also turns into such supercooling ice (marked with asterisk below) on contact with usual ice:

ICE.png + FRZZ.pngICE.png + ICE.png*

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