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CRAY.png Create-Ray
Section Electronics
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 0%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Solid
Misc properties
Source code

CRAY is one of the most useful elements ever added to The Powder Toy. In short, what it does is make a beam out of a chosen particle, at an adjustable length and temp. With that, one can make tiny logic gates, machines, factories and animations.

Basic Properties

CRAY is a purely electronic element, which means that it:

  1. Is a solid.
  2. Does not change state: you can't make gaseous or liquid CRAY by heating it up.
  3. Does not conduct heat: the only way to change the temperature of a CRAY particle is to use HEAT, COOL, PROP, or the console, or to use PROT (link and tutorial needed).
  4. Is invulnerable to everything except SING, AMTR, DEST, BOMB, WARP, VIRS, CONV, ACID, CAUS, and being replaced.
  5. Does not conduct electricity.

Note that all of the sensors (except INVS) and ARAY have the exact same physical properties. But CRAY's electronic properties are what make it really interesting.

Electronic Properties

When CRAY is SPRKed from any side (including diagonals) that is directly adjacent to (touching) the particle, it will fire its beam of particles in the opposite direction. However, its properties after that are determined by a combination of what conductor is sparking it, its temp, tmp, tmp2, ctype, and life.

ctype sets the type of particle that CRAY spawns in. A ctype of 0 (not set) means that it will set its ctype to the type of the first particle that touches it, including conductors.

temp sets the temperature of the particles that are spawned.

life sets the life of the particles that are spawned.

tmp sets the 'range' of the beam, that is, a tmp value of one will spawn onepixel if the CRAY is free to do so (see beneath)

tmp2 sets how much space to leave before particles are spawned.

By default, CRAY spawns at 22.00°C with ctype, tmp and tmp2 set to 0. That means that it will fire a line 256 pixels long made out of whatever element it touches first.

If there is a pixel of FILT in front of CRAY, the FILT's color sets the deco color of the resulting particles.

When different elements SPRK the CRAY, it changes how it behaves:

PSCN "Delete Mode" Beam is always the same length as tmp. Will place particles in all empty space within this region. If there are particles in the way of it, they will be deleted, even if they are the type that are being created.

INST/INWR "Go through Everything Mode" The beam will ignore any particles in its path, spawning exactly as many particles as its tmp says. Will not delete anything. INST goes through walls, but INWR does not.

All other conductors "Normal Mode" The beam will stop as soon as it hits an obstacle. tmp sets the maximum number of particles it spawns.

Special Case: When CRAY with ctype SPRK is sparked by PSCN, the exact number of particles as the tmp will be deleted in the path of the beam (unless said particle is CRAY, in which case it will be unaffected). This means that is can delete from a great distance away, without spawning any new particles. Additionally, CRAY(SPRK) can transmit electricity if and only if it is triggered by INWR - this will create tmp number sparks in any conductors that the beam passes through. This fact is extremely useful for creating complicated electronics.

Helpful Tip: CRAY with a ctype of 125 + v * 512 creates a FILT particle with a tmp of v.

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