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BRAY.png B-Type Ray Emitter
Wall example.gif
Ray Point. Rays create points when they collide.
Section Electronics (hidden)
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Solid
Misc properties
Source code


Created when ARAY is sparked.


BRAY reacts with other BRAY by creating a BRAY point with high life where they collide. It is also "stopped" by most materials, can carry a current to conductive materials, etc. Some materials; however, let bray pass through them. These include ARAY, FILT, INWR, WIFI, STOR, and SWCH (when it's turned on).


BRAY has a life value that decreases by 1 every frame and it disappears whenever it's life reaches 0. It can also have slightly different properties depending on what sparked the ARAY that created it.

ARAY sparked by METL or by most of the other conductors

BRAY created by ARAY that was sparked by METL, IRON, etc. is colored white and has roughly 30 life. When it collides with other white bray, it creates a pixel of BRAY where the collision was with roughly 1000 life. It sends a SPRK to conductible materials that it hits (even SWCH). It's 30 bit ctype can be changed by passing it through FILT.

ARAY sparked by PSCN

BRAY created by ARAY that was sparked by PSCN is colored brown and has roughly 3 life. It erases white BRAY that it comes in contact with, doesn't sends a spark to anything, and is generally used for heating/cooling.

ARAY sparked by INST

BRAY created by ARAY that was sparked by INST is colored white and has roughly 30 life. It shares most of it's properties with BRAY that was created by ARAY that was sparked by METL, IRON, etc. except it not only sends a spark to conductible materials but passes through them as well. Changes color when passed through FILT.


Good for many electronics, circuits, etc. Can be used for memory, calculations, animations, picture drawing, etc.

More on the Uses of BRAY

Some properties of BRAY relate more to other elements. These elements are: FILT, and STOR

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