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ARAY.png A-Type Ray Emitter
Ray Emitter. Rays create points when they collide.
Section Electronics
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 0%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Solid
Misc properties
Source code


Only created by using the brush or using the console.


Can receive a SPRK from all of the electric conductors, even SWCH. It creates a line of the element BRAY in the direction opposite to the side it was sparked from. Unlike other electronics, ARAY must receive a SPRK from a pixel in direct contact with it.

The temperature of the BRAY is the same as the temperature of the ARAY that created it.

The BRAY can also have different properties depending on what was used to spark it. If ARAY is sparked with PSCN instead of any other conductor, the BRAY only stays for a couple of frames, removes other types of BRAY, looks orange and has tmp of 2. If ARAY is sparked with INST the resulting beam will go through most conductive materials, (and FILT) sparkink them in its way.

ARAY is also one of the elements that BRAY can pass through.

Detailed usage

ARAY is an indestructible element in the Electronics group, it can receive a SPRK from all of the electric conductors and SWCH. It creates a line of the element BRAY in the direction corresponding to that which it was sparked from (e.g if the spark hit the bottom-most edge of the ARAY, the BRAY would emanate from the upper-most edge). ARAY is very buggy in v. 44.6, but fixed since 45.1.

To send SPRK to ARAY, the conductor must touch the ARAY particle, unlike between other conductors where the spark can jump over a space of 1 pixel.


BRAY is an element that doesn't show in the menu, it is created from SPRK'ed ARAY. It can be recolored passing through FILT.

The BRAY element rapidly fades after its creation with a life of 30 frames. One way to make it "drawable" is click on it with the left mouse button while holding the Alt button or by clicking on it with the computer mouse scroll. Unlike neutrons and photons, BRAY passes through all wall elements. It will go off the edge of the screen unless it hits any other particle. If BRAY hits a conductor, such as METL, then the element gets SPRK'ed. As of 45.4, BRAY also goes through ARAY, possibly hitting anything directly behind it, SPRK'ing the ARAY. Another feature of BRAY is its conductivity of temperature, anything touching a BRAY will either heat it or be heated by it.

It also can pass through SWCH which is turned on.

If two lines of BRAY collide, they create a 'solid' BRAY at the point which will fade slowly with a life of 1020 frames. Of the colliding BRAY's, one, shot even a frame after the other, will stop at the point will stop at the solid BRAY upon creation. The second emission, however, will proceed through normally. A solid BRAY duplication will only yield a normal BRAY. If more than one ARAY is in front of the conducting particle, several consecutive sparks will make both a normal BRAY and a 'loading' solid BRAY that continues with each re-emission in that direction.

PSCN sparking ARAY will create a brown BRAY. This type has a life of 1 or 2, depending on where the location of PSCN is. Brown BRAY is similar to a white BRAY, but is shot twice and doesn't SPRK conductors. Instead, brown BRAY cools down elements that are hit, especially effective when used in a line. It also erases any live white BRAY's, does not create a 'solid' version when colliding with itself, and does not become recolored when passing through FILT.


ARAY must be touching a conductor or SWCH to emit a BRAY. BRAY can either hit a conductor and start a SPRK, or hit anything else or the edge harmlessly.

BRAY can conduct temperature between two elements separated by a square.


Good for many electronics, circuits and similar devices. Can be used for memory, calculations, animations, picture drawing, etc.


This save shows how to use it for typing.
This save shows using it for displaying pictures.
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