Abuse of multiple accounts

  • code1949
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    In that order: Report them. Sometimes permanent. They can monitor IP addresses. Maybe. It's his choice.
  • massey101
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    Just broadcasting here

    The user PTT is a joint account, it should not post nor should it publish any saves. Just don't want to get banded on accident :D
  • itubee
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    wtf 200 acounts !
    this is meaning register for two hours (with my temp)
    maybe they have a bot/s ?
  • roguegeneral--
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    how can you make 200 accounts? ps. i only heve this one and a spare called beowulf
  • snowfire777
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    This post is hidden because the user is banned
  • rikudousennin
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    hey what if you have 1 spare account coz you lost the password to your other one is that ok?p.s. ik you shouldent lose your password but just incase anything does happen

    edit:he he i kinda forgot to cheack the FAQ i just found out the rules for multiple accounts
  • Zommy_1999
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    like mine its called fireworks basic but madd
  • Lockheedmartin
    10th Feb 2011 Moderator 0 Permalink
    We have a graph we can see on creations. If there are any sharp spikes in voting, or suspicious accounts, then we permanently ban them. All bans are always fair, no buts, ifs, or, ands. All creations are also deleted/hiden, to ensure you cannot recover them for other uses, and spam. Moderators can only see the graph on all creations, also we can track accounts through the IP address(s) connected to it.
    If you do, please report it to Simon for deletion. This stop us from being confused when investigating.
    Same for you.
  • Fluttershy
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    Since when was Dooose a high-rated user?
  • rikudousennin
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    one more question. will it cause and confusion with the creations if the spare account is only for forums and that coz i got banned of the computers at home 1 or 2 days after making the account and the sheet with the password got ruind with the rain thats y i have a spare account. so will that be ok or will i still have to report meh forum account to simon :L
    Edit: idk if anyone will agree but with on the registration thing it says you need email for password recovery. how come you all say we cant recover it coz there hidden and all that? and if you get the password in an email when i spent 1 hour checking for it i dident find anything