Version 46.1 beta feedback here

  • baby-benno
    7th Feb 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    Don't think this is good as other powder toys... :-(
  • cracker64
    7th Feb 2011 Developer 0 Permalink
    there is a keyboard shortcut for that, it is the brackets [ ] try reading the wiki.

    if you mean persistent view, that is not a bug, things stay in the view for a while...

    there is a wiki page on console

    that means stickman is dying and respawning (because of the SPWN)

    no, its even better :)

    7th Feb 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    The beta is kinda nice:). Sadly, there aren't any new original elements and old ones aren't changed :(. The good performance might be your updates or just Game Booster :D. Anyway, kind of good job, but I would like to see new elements other than GOL elements. Maybe you could also squeese the performance even more ;).
    (By the way, I love the console idea ;). )
    To itubee:
    That bug's hot. :D
  • Koshkasa
    7th Feb 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    Do we really need so many life elements?
  • RedFlash
    7th Feb 2011 Member 0 Permalink
    I'm not sure whether this has been fixed already, but when you use the flood eraser tool, the game crashes sometimes
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