Unknown compilers?

  • creator_of_fail
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    For some reason, running meson setup build-debug in the folder that contains the source code returns this error:



    and no this isn't an april fools joke.

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  • Simon
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    What compiler are you trying to use?

  • creator_of_fail
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    I was trying to use the msvc method for windows but the error occured while I was doing so. I also had no idea what tools to download(after selecting desktop development with C++) during the Visual Studio setup, and the wiki did not say anything about the checkboxes. After all that my computer died on me while trying to download said tools, and I would really appreciate a youtube tutorial or something that goes in-depth on this.

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  • creator_of_fail
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    If there are no further updates on this I will just use the MinGW method for now.

  • LBPHacker
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    Meson for some reason fails to parse the output of the VS install query tool's output. This would be difficult to debug remotely because I don't exactly know what parameters Meson invokes this tool with. The three possible solutions are 1) indeed, try mingw, 2) reinstall VS and hope for the best, 3) hop on our Discord server and try to debug your issue with me; no guarantee that this last one will work but hey.
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    Thanks for the input, I'll try option 1 for now.

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