Why is new the powder toy so slow?

  • electroBOOM_
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    I been experiencing bad performance in the new versions after reinstalling windows. But before reinstall i been experiencing good performance, and the version 96.2 runs smoothly even though its one update before version 97 (that causes bad performance).Devs: PLEASE IF YOU DIDN'T ADD THE -O2 COMPILER FLAG PLEASE ADD IT!!!

  • z4dg9ssw135
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    @electroBOOM_ (View Post)

    probably slightly offtopic but i experience some kind of fps drop after the newest update (which for some reason makes "smooth" fps by rounding it to the set limit)

    (totally offtopic) maybe devs should add a toggle to turn this off?

  • whatwhatwhat
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    fps is alright, but the time it takes to load saves nowadays take forever

  • electroBOOM_
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    I found a way to make my fps normal: 1. play tpt 96.2 2. open new tpt


    also i noticed when i delete the config file my fps went back to normal until i opened a save


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  • Simon
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    How are you seeing a performance drop? What's your FPS between 96.2 and 97?

  • z4dg9ssw135
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    @Simon (View Post)

    im not him but on an unpaused screen full of dust at nothing display:

    96.2 ~ 30-40 fps

    new version ~ 25-30 fps

    not very much but still

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  • Simon
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    There is a known performance regression issue with v98.x that's still being looked at (it was discussed a little in this thread: https://tpt.io/.326568 with a link to an alternative build that may improve things).


    However, this hasn't been reported with v97 before, and if that does have performance issues for some users, it would have a different cause than the one seen in v98.