Strong language in comments (2784364)

  • Ben1701A
    14th September Member 0 Permalink

    -snip- @LBPHacker
    in Andy_Sunrise's "Sunrise Cruiser," save id 2784364.

    By the way, is there an actual way to report comments in The Powder Toy?
    Or do I report the save and point at the comments in the text field?

    I hope I don't look like a bot...

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  • EnganK
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    I agree, there really should be a way to complain about comments (or the user who writes them). For example, many of my saves also have comments from one hater, including those with insults.

  • LBPHacker
    14th September Developer 0 Permalink
    Just report the saves. Not reporting them (as the OP has done here) is the best way to have these issues *NOT* handled. Forum posts are checked at different intervals and with a much lower urgency level than reports.