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    You should download it, cuz it's a very cool mod, and it's my favourite one!

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    I have 2 questions 

    1: is Aneutronic fusion a thing in TPT

    2:If not can it be added to TPTU

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    What do you mean with Earrape Warning?

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    Why INST dont works?



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    Can someone explain how the bacteria having Inject DNA for spread vector and BCTR as food type works? I am attempting to create an "anti-bacteria" because I like messing around with the bacteria, I eventually resorted to the bacteria customizer so I didn't have to wait and hope I got the right mutation, but the bacteria don't seem to spread much if at all. It definitely survives longer than the rest of the bacteria, but it can never take over. I gave it max resistance to being eaten, max metabolism, and 0 move speed (after experimentation move speed doesn't seem to affect Inject DNA movement vector much). If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it!

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    My freind and I we playing in a private room, and when they placed NPLM, my game went red and text said "ERROR

    Details: Memory read/write error

    An unrecoverable fault has occured, please report the error to the main mod thread."


    Every time we try to place elements that are on the upper line, the other player sees some other element/wall placed.

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    this has been happening for a while and i cant seem to fix it every time i turn force interger scaling with full screen on the whole screen zooms out a bit. Any way i can fix it?

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    Can you fix the INST it lags out the game and you cant play BODY V5 and many more.

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    wow this is THE BEST MOD OF TPT i like this mod