2 stickmen in powdertoy

  • cracker64
    18th Dec 2010 Developer 0 Permalink
    anyway... since this topic is probably the best, i updated mod with stickman spawnpoints! No more clicking to spawn your stickmen when they die. When you spawn a stickman, it will also create a 'spawn point'. if he dies, he will respawn at the point, there can only be one point per stickman at a time, to move it, delete the old and replace by using the normal STKM element.
    this will be great for those stickman challenge levels or something.
  • PizzaPlatypus
    18th Dec 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    Um surely all you had to do was copy stickman code and change the leg colour and arrow keys to wasd to make two of them, I could'nt have done it but I don't see why everyone is so amazed. And yes I know the original creator said no every time someone asked, but it's not that amazing. If it is please explain why.
  • hugoRawr
    18th Dec 2010 Member 0 Permalink
    Hooray! Moving solids are awesome.

    I like 2p, finally, right?