The customizable tommy-gun!

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    If the original "Chicago Typewriter" sucks, i'm allow you to create your own thompson smg!




    I hope you will enjoy! ^_^

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    Update 1.20 - What's new?

    Added "Picatinny" rails for sights and scopes.

    Added more attachments.

    Added the universal stock that you can customize, from short to long.


    Update 1.21 - What's new?

    Added A2 and A3 to edible stock.


    Update 1.25 - What's new?

    Added the standard wooden stock with bag with ammos.

    Added the plastic horizontal handguard with "Picatinny" rail. You can attach grips and lights.

    Added the new edible stock made of Nickel and A4 to edible stock.


    Update 1.30 - What's new?

    Added new 2 edible stocks made of cast iron and aluminium.

    Added the new A5 setting to edible stock.

    All arrows whick made easier to create a gun yellow.

    Removed fixed L sight. Don't worry, he still exists.

    Improved verical grip and laser grip design.

    Recolored the metallic settings and added new horizintal handguards.

    Fixed the first edible stock.


    Oops. I added smaller suppressor and i forgot it ¯\_(?)_/¯


    Update 1.31 - What's new?

    Added 2 new desert-themed horizontal handguards.

    Redesigned all desert-themed attachments.

    Redesigned the A3 setting for edible stocks.


    Update 1.32 - What's new?

    Added the standard Thompson sight.

    Added the pistol grip with a connected stock made of glass polyamid.

    Recolored the black pistol grip.

    Added PangeaUltima to save.


    Update 1.35 - What's new?

    Added the Update Counter. Mostly players calls "Current Version" instead.
    Added the black grips made of polyamids and a laser variant.

    Added the new black pistol grip. He had same model of "Desert Pistol Grip", but based off the M16A2 Pistol Grip model.

    Added 2 new small laser sights.


    Update 1.40 - What's new?

    Added the new Vulcan-styled attachments. Now you have a "M1A1 Thompson - Vulcan"!

    Updated the logo.

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    I will update this not frequently. which you can make your own custom gun until a new update will came out.

    If you're interested, more attachments will came out, and some improvments!

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    nice guns and all, but can you stop making your text look bold and underlined everytime you post, because we can read that without the "highlights"

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    @blink-182 (View Post)
    no he can't do that
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    I'm added PangeaUltima to my save, enter and check it!

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    Updated the logo.