EXCLUSIVE Rewards Credit Card Offer!

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    For a long time users have wanted the ability to give a little extra recognition to their favorite authors. These authors may be a long time user or someone who has published a series of saves in a particular category. Whatever it is, they wanted to recognize said user in another way.


    We are proud to announce a new (and first) partnership with LÜF Lirpa AG! LÜF Lirpa is an international financial services corporation based in Oklahoma that creates custom co-branded reward credit and debit cards. These co-branded credit cards are supported globally with their own processing network partner, NEG-active. Considering their large presence in international credit and debit card usage, along with their ability to partner with small firms alike, we have chosen them for our new rewards credit card!


    Exclusive Offer

    Presenting the EXTRAVote Co-Branded Credit Card from LÜF-Lirpa.


    Apply Now >>>


    EXTRAVote is a credit card designed to reward card members, and most importantly create another way to reward authors in the community! The introductory, exclusive, community offer is outlined as follows:

    • Every dollar you spend with The Powder Toy earns you four (4x) votes to use on ANY save!
    • Every dollar you spend on hotels, airfare, or travel related purchases earns you three (3x) votes to use ANY save.
    • Every dollar you spend on supermarkets, petrol stations, and dining earns you two (2x) votes to use ANY save.
    • Every dollar you spend on everything else earns one (1x) vote to use ANY save.
    • Five (5x) front page upgrades that you can use on ANY save published by ANY author.
    • Priority Airport Check-In Security with Select Airlines
    • Exclusive Membership Deal on Concerts, Theater/Movie, and Event Tickets!
    • Priority Customer Support and Concierge
    • Priority Access at Certain Events
    • Six (6) month 0% APR on Purchase*
    • Two (2) month 0% APR on Balance Transfers*
    • Apply Now >>>


    *For more information about fees and other important disclosures, refer to the information here.


    That's not all! Considering this is an exclusive community introductory offer, we've created a bonus promotion for those who apply upon release. If you spend at least 3,000$ within the first three months, as a cardholder, you will earn 5,000 Votes! This means you will earn votes when you purchase AND the exclusive community introductory bonus promotion of 5,000 Votes, if you spend 3,000$ within the first three months as a cardholder.


    Apply Now >>>


    We have also sent out promotional material to a select group of users for an even larger exclusive community introductor bonus promotions! If you receive such an offer, it's not real! None of this is! April Fools Day everyone. Act FAST, this offer will not last!


    Apply Now >>>

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    woah what is this capitalist money-making scheme. I declare war on the powder government with the goal of making tpt communist again /s

  • Lockheedmartin
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    @QuanTech (View Post)

    Congratulations! You have been pre-approved for a line of credit through our exclusive rewards credit card 'LÜF Lirpa The Powder Toy EXTRAVote Co-branded Credit Card' of up to $10,000. Additionally, you qualify for our limited time sign-up bonus, when you spend $3,000 in the first three months as a cardholder, you can earn 5,000 votes.


    We offer additional rewards for cardholders who either add an authorized user (up to five) and/or refer a friend or family member. This could be an additional 5,000 votes on top of the sign-up bonus!***


    ***Refereed applicant must be approved. Terms and restrictions apply. Results may vary

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    Either Lockheedmartin's account was hacked, or somebody put WAAAY too much work into this :D
    Time to sign up

  • QuanTech
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    REAL CARDHOLDER REVIEW: Recently, I applied for the LÜF-Lirpa The Powder Toy EXTRAVote Co-branded Credit Card. I couldn't believe how easy the process for applying and quick approval was for someone like me! I live in Detroit in a shabby house, with little income (less than $15,000). They approved *me* for a $6,000 line of credit, 14.6% APR! I couldn't imagine. 


    On top of the sheer ease of application and approval, I could spend this little wonder at any place where NEG-Active is accepted. Not to mention the number of votes I could in by spending $3,000 in a three month period on my favorite site (powdertoy.co.uk). Additionally, my save were propelled to the front-page like any genuine piece of work and made no difference to those who worked so hard. Why work harder when you can make purchases everyday to earn thousands of votes?! Thanks LÜF-Lirpa The Powder Toy EXTRAVote Co-branded Credit Card!


    EDIT by QuanTech: guys this is actually an amazing service! Thank you so much LÜF-Lirpa

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    REAL CARDHOLDER REVIEW: After applying for my LÜF-Lirpa The Powder Toy EXTRAVote Co-branded Credit Card, today, the front-page promotion vouchers didn't seem to work, but the support team got right on it! I was able to vent my complaint by sending a moderator the details of my issue. Lockheedmartin managed to fix the issue in a few seconds! They say there's a small percentage of people who experience this problem, but they are fixing it ASAP.


    I love my new LÜF-Lirpa The Powder Toy EXTRAVote Co-branded Credit Card. Earning hundreds of votes, simply by purchasing pizza and my usual subscriptions of PowderCoin, this has given me the status I deserve. Thanks LÜF-Lirpa The Powder Toy EXTRAVote Co-branded Credit Card!!

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    It isn't even midnight here yet

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    DID YOU KNOW: LÜF-Lirpa Financials N.A. was invented as an experiment by the Communist Party of The Powder Toy?

    Yeah, that's right! Communists seek for people that will rebel against Lockheedmartin (who isn't actually such capitalist as you might think) and his reign of Powdercoins. Such people are sent Private Messages by him proposing to join the rebel against jacob1 and other moderators. Those people who do not agree are getting rid of. And they are not just getting banned, no; their accounts are permanently deleted, so are all their posts and saves. Aside from that, they are getting a permanent IP-ban which doesn't allow them to make another account. So how do I know this? By manipulating servers of TPT and some other off-sight Powder Toy websites, I was able to read the secret documents of the Communist Party. I can't tell you which users are involved though; even now when I'm sharing my knowledge I risk being wiped out of this website. Please stay aware!
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    I found a way to easily bypass. Use the prop tool and set to type, just experiment with values and note them down. I got theese!
    Oil - 3
    Spng - 90

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    Can I have a credit card?

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