Cyens Toy

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    plz give

  • budkam
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    Something that I think would be good to add is oxygen actually oxidizing, for example not burning on its own but instead increasing the strength, heat and amount of flames when something is burning.


    edit: the same could be said even more so for chlorine or nitric acid.

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    i may sound annoying but will there be a mac version

  • yeetyboiii46
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    @firefreak11 (View Post)

     its not working for  me it keeps on giving me vcruntime140d error

  • Ryan_Crafter
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    @firefreak11 (View Post)

    uhhh, i get a problem while trying to run this i get vcruntimed.dll is not in your pc.



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    HELP PLS i have missing dll error

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    Locking this thread due to the mod being practically dead and causing confusion. @firefreak11 PM a moderator if you want it unlocked.
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