Cyens Toy

  • Draeger
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    Maybe somebody could build the current source code and upload it as a temporary mirror? I'd do it myself, but apparently I need to download more files than what I am able to download within a day of time to compile it and also fix some random errors that are probably only on my end anyway, so it's not quite a possibility for me.

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  • firefreak11
    15th September Member 0 Permalink

    I'll fix the links very soon. There were some issues with the machine hosting the downloads being down

  • Philipuss
    23rd September Member 0 Permalink

    The download link for windows seems to be corrupted to not functioning... :)

  • Whytholol
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    How do you insert the mod? i installed it



  • kobalt
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    just unzip the mod folder and run it, it runs seperate from actual powdertoy i think