Periodic chain

  • erictom333
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    MaGNeSium - light metal, conductor, melts at 650°C, turns into BMGN at +4 pressure, burns like COAL, 0xC6C6A0,  metals menu

    Broken MaGNesium - powdered form of MGNS, burns like BCOL, 0xC8C8A2, powders menu

    ALuMiNium - light metal, conductor, melts at 660°C, turns into BRAL at +4 pressure, 0xC6C6C6, metals menu

    BRoken ALuminium - BREL renamed and recoloured 0xC8C8C8

    SILiCon - conductor, melts at 1400°C, mix with molten GALlIum for PSCN or molten ARSeNic for NSCN, 0xBBBBBB, metals menu

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    You know, I've got Gallium AND Arsenic in my list.

  • docRoboRobert
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    Magnesium and Magnesium oxide are in my list too.

  • QuanTech
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    @docRoboRobert (View Post)

     Delete your list.

  • TPT_PL
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    it's not like I'm going to mod dat all stuff...

    Ehem, ehem, good suggestions! Keep going!

  • erictom333
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    PHOSphorous - red powder, flammable, 0xFF3008, powders menu

    White PHoSphorous - incinendary powder, decays into 12-14 FIRE particles over about 100 frames, 0xEEEEEE, explosives menu

    SuLFuR - veery smelly solid, 0xFAFA2A, solids menu

    CHLoRine - poisonous gas, distills WATR, forms SALT with SODI, 0x24C006, gas menu

    PoTaSsiuM - alkali, explodes like RBDM but into purple flames, 0x0369CF, explosives menu

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    Oh, so SuLFuR is a  veery smelly one... so what?

  • TsarBomba10
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    Chlorine should be darker.

  • TPT_PL
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    Chorine was already suggested here, so was sulfur.
    And, maybe...
    COPR and ZINC - Copper and (no, tin, u kno?) zinc. If they detect ACID near, they begin to create current decreasing acid's life, but ONLY if they are layered. When ACID's life reaches 0, it stops generating current Also COPR gets tmp = 1 if it collides with OXYG, and COPR with tmp = 1 cannot be used to make voltaic cell with ZINC.
  • TsarBomba10
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    Also mix ZINC and COPR you get Brass (BRSS)