Periodic chain

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    LITHium - very light metal, 0xFFA500, may occur as part of HYGN fusion, metal menu

    BERYllium - very light metal, 0x56B000, poisonous, may occur as part of HELI fusion, metal menu

    BoRON - metal, only coducts once though, 0x585858, metal menu

    GRaPHite (carbon allotrope) - soft nonmetal that conducts like TTAN, 0x505050, solid menu

    WURtZite (boron nitride) - indestructible metal, 0x545454, special menu

    NITrogen Gas: forms when LN2 is heated, 0x00EEEE, gas menu

    FLuoRiNe: CAUS renamed (BTW, ACID is fluoric acid), gas menu

    FLuoRiTe: mineral formed from FLRN + QRTZ, same color as FLRN, solid menu

    SODIum: like RBDM but explodes with WATR only, builds up HYGN, melts at 300°C, 0xF0F0F0, explosives menu

    SoDium-24: forms when SODI is hit by NEUT, decays into SODI + neutron(s), 0xF0F0F0, radioactives menu

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    If the element is already in TPT or if it is a noble gas, skip it.

    @erictom333 re-check ur suggestions mate


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    More suggestions:


    Nihonium (NHUM): Radioactive solid. Stable only for 20 frames (or under negative pressure (< -200) and low temperature (< -250C)), then decays quickly into high-life DEUT, ENST, NEUT and PROT. Produces very high pressure (>240) and temperature (>9900 C).


    1. More destructive than any existing element in TPT (except for VIRS, DEST, BOMB and SING)

    2. Useful for very powerful nuclear bombs.

    3. Useful for creating high-life DEUT without using console.




    Einsteinium (ENST): Radioactive powder. Produces heat (like URAN under pressure). Catalyzes hydrogen fussion. Explodes under extreme pressure (> 260).


    1. Useful for hydrogen bombs.

    2. It's a heater that doesn't grow (unlike GOL elements)


    0x96EAFF (glow effect in fancy mode)

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    @QuanTech (View Post)

     Done that.

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    PLTN - Platinum; Light-brown shiny metal. Good electricity conductor. Platinum protects Iron from corrosion. It's resistant to Acid. Melting point - 1768*C. Molten PLTN is very dense. Doesn't react with acids from earlier comments too. It can react with Chlorite acid, Hallogens and Sulphur. Reflects Neutrons like Gold. Turns Smoke into CO2.

    Other reactions: possible

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    @TPT_PL (View Post)

     1) Lel, k.

    2) Yeah, why not.

    3)Yes, it could be used to in challenges to force people to not touch an area.

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    Thorium(THOR):Powder, acts like PLUT, but much less reactive. Melts at 1755 °C.

    Copper(COPR):Solid, conducts electricity, makes BTRY when mixed with BCOL and LITH. Melts at 1085 °C.

    Lithium(LITH):Powder that conducts electricty, formed from OXYG fusion. Melts at 180.5 °C.

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    Thorium and Lithium are not powders.

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    @TsarBomba10 (View Post)

     Then again, neither are Plutonium or Uranium, but both of them are powders in the game.