Lua Element Creator

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    No idea. I don't use it :p
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    You seem like someone who does a lot of coding, do you know a good place to learn C or C++? I've been thinking of learning it, but I just can't find a good tutorial.

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    whenever i try to extract it, it winrar gives me an error saying it cant find the lua element creaator 86x file, and idk why

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    If you're getting it from the Dropbox version, try using the Github repository, or vice versa.

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    Amazing! thanks for the creator!

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    Good question. If you really like programming, you could acquire a copy of the K&R C programming language book, which is a great entry into the language, except it's a bit aged. The thinking it teaches is infinitely useful nevertheless. (pm)
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     I will try to find that. The problem is, I taught myself programming by writing programs on a TI-84, so my methods, although extremely effective on low-power systems, don't translate well to c++.



    By the way, a simple c++ version of this is coming soon! but it may be really slow - I'm only just starting c++

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