Lua Element Creator

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    Thanks, the link is back now.

  • cccp3
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    I want Logo 1, CeeJayBee: Did you use some of my code? I made a mod with rocket fuel. I allow usage of all my code.

  • CeeJayBee
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    @cccp3 (View Post)

     Nope, made it from scratch :D All the files are on my laptop, I'll put them over to my main PC when I get round to it, then I'll post the code if you want.

  • cccp3
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    Oh. so, I want to announce that my code is now licenced with CC BY-NC-SA

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  • FeynmanLogomaker
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    It now can automatically detect whether your software is out of date, and tell you so - along with everything that's new.

    It also now has a built in graphics function helper that can be called up by pressing Ctrl-F!


    EDIT: Another somewhat important update is upcoming-it will detect whether there is an internet connection, and if not, it won't bother checking for the update data and instead just include a small notice telling the user of the inability to update (right now, it will still prompt you to download a ghost update, containing no data or useful information). Should this be a major update - increasing the primary version number - or should it just be a large increase in the minor version? Your opinion is welcome!


    EDIT: I'm busy developing a C or C++ version (I'm learning C as I go along, so it may be a while). I will have a multiplatform version of this available, hopefully soon.

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  • wolfy1339
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    Could you make a linux build?

  • boxmein
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    It relies heavily on the Windows API, plus it's AutoIt3 so totally no.
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    @boxmein (View Post)

    Just wondering, do you use AutoIt? You seem to know a good amount about it.

  • boxmein
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    @FeynmanLogomaker (View Post)
    I did use it eons ago as one of my first "programming languages", because it gave immediate results (unmaintainable code however) and I could see stuff happening with not much code; plus when you used it I Googled it and actually read up on it again for like 5 minutes so that's my knowledge base.
    I know it's basically BASIC (see what I did there), it hooks to the Windows API, it runs interpreted or as some weird compiled form of machine code, plus however much I bother to google.

    At one point I thought about replacing AutoHotkey with it - decided not to :D

    These days if I ever need to make a Windows-only program or utility I'd use C#.NET since like C# and .NET, also P/Invoke for Win32 API.
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    By the way, does the auto-update work for you? It usually works just fine on my normal computer, but it's a bit buggy on another computer I use.

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