reporting stolen saves.

  • makkapakka
    24th Apr 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    if a save was reported it should say "reported" on the save so 1000 people dont report the same thing

  • KydonShadow
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    The thing is, when you change the name of a save it essentially makes a new save, I believe. So if you want to reset your upvote count, go on ahead.

  • jacksonmj
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    Multiple reports can be helpful, because people sometimes forget to give the original save ID, or give the wrong ID. For example, reporting save 1509593 for the reason "id;1509593 is the origenal this is stolen".


    It's rare to get even 2 reports at a time on a single save, never mind 1000.

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  • h4zardz1
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    or even someone who taught stealing but don't because he built it himself from separate saves?
  • baddeer36
    8th May 2014 Member 0 Permalink

    um people r seeing my saves that i copied to show the people in my class at school to make the game more popular. such as bomb the nazis copied nuke didnt publish it.the people seeing it r r normal people not moderators such as doglover444                                                  developers please support my subject and help me with the people


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  • makkapakka
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    one way to see if a save is stolen is check history there wont be to many because the save will most likely be one or two if its stolen

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  • theoilguy434
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    use to there werent alot of saves, so it was easy to find stolen saves, i rember once some smartie pants got mad at me for no reson and then copied someones save that the real maker worked hard on, but the copier said i take full credit (blah blah blah ect). and when i got him reported he was all like you meanie and all this n that, like i was the bad guy, it ended up were he got tempt banned and I had my account disabled alot, if i recall, permenantly. so it was really unfair, permaban me stuff, and temp ban the real bad guy. pitifull. I HOPE the admin system has improved by today. or i would be pretty mad.

  • Lockheedmartin
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     You were probably arguing in the comments section or false reported. If you stated your account name then we could look up the record.


    Other than that I can't really guarantee anything without having someone sort of trace back to the incident.

  • h4zardz1
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    it is okay to have some personal stuff that i get from copying, isn't it?
  • techno156
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     Well, for the most part, the moderators have remained the same since then, and I cannot vouch for how they moderate.

    @h4zardz1 (View Post)

     What do you mean?


    @makkapakka (View Post)

     Yes, but some people save to their HDDs, while working on it, and publish it later... And not to mention that there are one hit wonders in the TPT community. :p


    Curious, what would fall under banning due to theft of intellectual property on TPT?