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13th Dec 2010
17th Apr 2012
A Deuterium-Tritium Farnsworth-Hirsch nuclear fusor. It's not possible to get electricity DIRECTLY from neutrons, because they don't have an electric charge. Not everyone gets das blinkenlightzen joke, only geeks (like me) or 60's computer operators.
nuclear reactor plasma electronic fusor nuke smart bombit waitforvortex explosive


  • fsjd
    3rd Jan 2011
    really cool. and fusion wont work until we find a better way to contain the plasma. the tomahawk reactors use way more power than they create. cold fusion is aslo a dud. same reason
  • swineflu1122
    3rd Jan 2011
    i watched a tv show about fusion and the people who own those fusion reactos say they esimate that fusion power is possible in year 2020-2030
  • e509
    2nd Jan 2011
    i hate to tell this guy wrong but 2070is a incorrect date we are already using technology lik this in areas lik area 51 and other high powered places but iy is nopublic tech so my opinion 2020
  • Bonia
    18th Dec 2010
    it's really colla!!!!
  • swineflu1122
    6th Dec 2010
    if you use heat display, you can see the plasma swirling around, just like the real experimental nuclear fusion reactor how the plasma spins around