Element idea: SDET

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    Surface DEsT.

    Surface DEsT has these propertys. If a property is not specified, it is the same as dest:

    1. Created when DEST is cooled to be either at or below 100K. Turns into dest at 300K.

    2. Instead of going through objects, it moves along them.

    3. Speed determined by tmp.

    4. Direction determined by tmp also. tmp<0 = Moves down/left, tmp>0 and it moves right/up.

    5. Adds 100K to the tempature of anything it touches, and 1 to the preasure.

    5. Applies all effects behind it, unless it isnt moving.

    6. Dosnt cause DEUT to explode.

    7. SPRK's anything it touches.

    8. Lasts for 30 frames, and explodes into electrons when it disssapears.

    9. The ammount of frames it lasts for is determined by the tmp2.

    10. Also dosnt detonate when touching COAL.

    11. blocks all energy particles, save for electrons.

    12. NCTC sets the tmp to the absolute value of the tmp, making it go up/right.

    13. PCTC sets the tmp to the negative absolute value, making it go down/left.

    EDIT1:14. Moves along solids and liquids.



    Reactors can be powered by it, it could be used in bombs, for heating metals to refine or cast, preasurizing and heating bases on cold planets, as a filter for energy particles, or for a rube goldberg machine.

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    1. SNOW(DEST).

    2. You mean it doesn't go through objects?

    3. Pre-determined speed? Do you know what physics is?

    4. Why are you redefining vx and vy as a function of tmp? What's the use of this? You just want it not to change velocities after you set it?

    5. Every frame?

    6. k

    7. Goodey, more SPRK mess that nobody likes seeing after detonating bombs.

    8. k

    9. k

    10. Why?

    11. I wonder what you're trying to do in your powder toy that makes you want this element so specifically. Maybe we can help you and show you how to do it with existing elements.

    12. NTCT* sets? How does it 'set'? From what does it 'set'?

    13. ^

    14. "Moves along"???????? I thought I understood but now you excluded gases and now I'm sure I don't.



    How can it power reactors? Why would I want a filter that can only take particles below 100K? It blows up my entire base if it gets above 100K, how would I heat my base using this?

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    Revised version:

    1. Insted of penetrating objects, it slides along them.

    2. Dosnt cause deut to explode

    3.Lasts for 30 frames, and explodes into hot neutrons when it dissapears,

    4. The ammount of frames it lats is determined by the tmp.

    5. Is about the same weight as dust, with a larger airloss value, so that is slows down less.

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    Seems like a good idea... though I do not really like the natural color of dest , I can always deco. though it should be another color or slightly different , like changes of many elements

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