2012-05-02 13:47:45
once ever
I've studied topics ranging from standard science topics such as physics, biology, chemistry, to less accepted methods such as alchemy, philosophy, spirituality. I study logic to be responsible with words. When I am not studying, I am trying to relax, contemplating or having a visitor. I like complex mechanics, mind training.

Ask me questions you ask nobody else!

I adhere to logic, not opinion, but I won't lie about being wrong when I don't feel like being wrong. People often mistake my words for hostility and then don't give me a chance to explain and ban me or block me. Sad that people who shoot first get put in spots like that.

I like to build everything destroyable.

Non-destroyable things can be more powerful and interesting, but have you seen someone fuse HYGN in a self-sustaining reactor box of less than 500px total, which only needs HYGN on one end and a receptor box for NBLE on the other end?

I love building little camps and bases on my custom-made landscapes and I like to then pretend that they mine my RAD ore and process it to make small reactors that sometimes melt down and make the roleplaying session interesting.


Being talkative is not breaking the rules, right? ;)
I have a mod! Link in 'website'.
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