Add silver!

  • Fusionftw
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    SILV: Light Grey, solids section

    • melts at 962C
    • virus dies when touching silver
    • conducts sparks the fastest
    • reflects 100% of phot
    • conducts heat very fast
    • acid resistant
    • stkm are healed slowly when touching it
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  • QuanTech
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    @Fusionftw (View Post)

     What are the uses though? Next time you make an element suggestion, please include a 'Uses' list along with it. None of these properties are unique, anyways. Except for killing VIRS, but that's useless.

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  • jacob1
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    Also about killing VIRS, I do kind of consider it a "cheat" element with no uses. Not sure we need something that resists or kills it. Technically SOAP kills VIRS already too.

    It would be nice if this element suggested had some unique and interesting feature. Not tons of stuff, just one property that no other element has that would make people want to use it.
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  • Fusionftw
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    It also starts to deform like goo under lots of pressure and starts to turn black when exposed to large ammounts of photons.

  • docRoboRobert
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    Hey, I've already suggested silver in my long and accurate suggestions list. The properties are similar. It's interesting element but it need more uses like @jacob1 has already said.

  • Fusionftw
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    Silver could be useful for long conductors or a meltable heatsink that works as well as heac. It could also be used for a valuable element to put into a safe in tpt (eg: silver and gold). Also, you could use it as a destructable thing that could withstand virs. And it is also a element that can withstand acid. You could even use it for a mirror in tpt.


    Also, when it turns black, it can be destroyed by acid and would melt at 700C (possibly?).

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  • ajloveslily
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    conducts sparks the fastest"

    faster than inst? lol

  • TPT_PL
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    It would conduct before you even open TPT

    Jokes aside, I see it as an element with no uses. Meh.
  • docRoboRobert
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    Actually, I like this element.

  • Potbelly
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