Polish translation have been updated

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    (Sorry, but my english isn't perfect)

    So, here it is. Polish translation have been improved :D. I decided to improve polish wiki. Polish translation haven't been updated for years. Then, I finally added fully translated gasses section and I've started to translate radioactive section. It's pretty good. I also added few additional informations. I hope this isn't a problem. 


    I've added a new page in TPT Wiki - Solids/pl

    Check this out!



    New page has been translated!

    Check it now!


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    Hey! I've just added polish translation for radioactive elements.

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    I've also added polish translation for explosives. Go and check it!

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    I cant wait till I look at the changelist and see "Polish translation has been polished."...Sorry I just had to...

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    New update:

    Translated element usage tutorials 

    Translated general usage tutorials 

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    New update:

    Added new page - Elements:Solids/pl

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    New update:

    Compleated polish translation for solids.

    Don't wait, check it now!

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    Thanks for doing this :), nice to have the wiki translated into more languages
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Thank you. :D

    I think that I've done a good work. Also, polish translation for solids seems to be bigger/better than english. :v

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    Well feel free to also edit the english translations ...