2013-12-14 01:15:58
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You can talk to me if you have skype. I am lostyfoxy if you need to tell me some. Other than that I will tell you some things I am intrested in and am. music, furryfandom, furry, art, artist, animals, colors, wolfs, foxes and other animals.....too many i like, games, gamer, dirtbiking, tree's, wild life, wilderness, shiny things, people...but i am shy, if you ever need help with anything than PM me and i will try to help you out. and more things I need to think about to put on my bio I really like talking and have the most commented save on tpt and if you need help with anything ask me I has thez most commented save(trying to get it to 1000 pages) RAINBOWS I am a old TPT user from 2011-2012(started around there). I have seen many players come and go (some of the best). I am a sketcher/drawer and i do mostly animals. i draw and if you want anything tell me

well i felt like adding more to my story here.... to be honest i am a cancer player..i have made many playrs quit after an event that has happened from me and another user.
i broke and upset some players because my conflict with another user. I am very sorry for what i have done. i feel like one day i will just stop playing tpt because of it. and well if you want to know how it all happened then well you are going to have to find it your own way. like all cancer gets treated and goes away. i wll go too......