2013-12-14 01:15:58
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I am lostyfoxy if you need to tell me some. Other than that I will tell you some things I am intrested in and am. music, art, artist, animals, colors, wolfs, foxes and other animals.....too many I like, games, dirtbiking, tree's, wild life, wilderness, shiny things, people...but I am shy, if you ever need help with anything than PM me and i will try to help you out. and more things I need to think about to put on my bio I really like talking and have the most commented save on tpt and if you need help with anything ask me I has thez most commented save(trying to get it to 1000 pages) RAINBOWS I am a old TPT user from 2011-2012(started around there). I have seen many players come and go (some of the best). I am a sketcher/drawer and i do mostly animals. well I fell like adding more to my story here but I have to think of what to add