2016-09-08 01:29:36
Poland, West Warsaw, Ursus
I'm a guy that was starting as a common noob, but I fastly examined how the entire herarchy work. now 70% of my works land on fp for longer or shorter time. I really dont like programming, or some similiar things, but i very like "game secrets", I mean, werid things whose happen when we use conlole or prop tool. Sometimes GS and some kind of programming connect, like in my cray appearing laser. If you play nationwide within I play too, then beware, becouse, if there we can use our imagination, then you are fu6ked up. I cant do really pixelartic pixel art, but I can do some nice details. I have also good ideas for names, for anything, patterns, cryptography, tactic, PROP tricks, basic machines, some effects, math tricks, matches tricks... so if you want to have some help then no problem, Im also tolerant to copies, whose copied to help himself or to improve it, but dont accept copying without changing anything. You must be really bored if you was reading all the things to this moment.