2016-09-08 00:29:36
Poland, West Warsaw, Ursus
I play TPT since 2016.09.08. I don't do electronics and "arty" logos. I'm into finding "game secrets", building landscapes and playing nationwides. I can do everything (but only few things in good quality). If i find something cool and don't know how it works, i don't care as long as it make votes (not rly). You can copy from me only if for own use, or you have idea for real upgrade/use other way. It'd be nice if you'd give credit. I'm also interested in annoying admins by giving those lots of new TPT update ideas (jacob1 even aprooved one). Tip for you: Be nice guy (or guyess, depends) and don't mess with me (especially on nationwides). I'm very into collabs, even with small players. signed: Omega