2013-09-24 12:32:39
hi im 987tails and im an 18 Y old playa with @thespazz, @lostfox and @sentinal with us. ive been around in tpt for more than 8 years. you might think of me as an artist. and i am! but im an also alot of other things; such as an armor builder, a sword maker, a comediest and most importantly: a good friend...
for the years that has been, ive done amazing peices and saves for everyone to look at or enjoy. for that time ive messed around, ive grown up to see how everything works. it made me popular as i knew how to be like the others. its been a blast all those years. but now... now its time for me to move out someday... i just want to say thankyou to all those who's been alongside me for a long time now as i felt tpt was where i was free to make anything i wanted. and even though im an old artist, im still ready to give as much of myself to the part in order to be something im not. again... thankyou everyone who was there for me. it was an honour... and when that time comes. ill always miss you.