New element.

  • Fusionftw
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    RGLS: Reinforced glass 


    • Melts at 2150C.
    • Solids section.
    • Tooltip: Reinforced Glass. Breaks under 125 pressure and reflects 25% of photons.
    • Color is like glass, but has a brownish orange tint to it (color: rgb 102, 92, 80 ).
    • Broken at 125 pressure.
    • Can be made by mixing molten metal with molten glass (possibly).
    • Only lets 75% of photons pass through (the rest are reflected).
    • Photons passing through it are colored orange.
    • Has a heat conductivity of 60%.
    • Under (exposed to) 125 pressure, it slowly turns to BGLA and a small amount of BRMT.
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  • phox
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    I like the idea of this, but maybe it should just totally resist pressure like a metal? 

  • Fusionftw
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     It has to be atleast pressure resistant. It lis kind-of like bulletproof glass; it is still breakable and can be broken under pressure.



    EDIT: Revised it so the glass would break at 125 pressure.

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  • AngryBlock101
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    This will be really good for airplanes, good idea Fusion!

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  • docRoboRobert
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    That's quite good idea.

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