Fun facts about TPT!

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    Lets post some facts about the powder toy! I'll start with this one.


    Did you know that for the first couple of frames of some explosives, mainly Thunder, the pressure may exceed the limit of 256, and reach huge numbers. The highest I've seen so far is 6276!



    Edit: Are the portal colors based off of portal? P.S: I have Portal. P.P.S I also have Portal 2.

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    Any conductor other than PSCN can retract PSTN, not just NSCN.

    EDIT: Also, you can get pressure in the millions if you surround SNOW(SING) with a tmp of 999999 with some DMG and THDR.

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    Quartz can be made to grow unpredictably by using .tmp
    Tpt was first written in C and then rewritten in C++ so tpt now known as tpt++.
    In tpt particles can travell faster than photons.
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    *loud narration*

    The evolution of TPT technologies is quite weird. We have wireless devices, computers and antimmater reactors but we haven't invented wheel! Wheel is one of the greatest inventions of humanity like fire, internet and ice creams with two sticks, so you can share with others. TPT has developed advanced subframe machines but not a wheel. My Grand, Grand, Grand, Grand (100 grands later) Father's friend invented a wheel. He was the biggest duche in Mesopotamia. He's not proud of TPT...


    Also, fun facts:

    Life elements are hotter than the surface of the Sun.

    LOLZ creates "lol" signs. Trying to destroy it will cause more "lol".

    LOVE is the same expect it spawns hearts.

    CLAY can be turned into stone! Mix clay with water and heat it up. You will get brick. If you break brick, you will get stone.

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    Whoa I didn't know most of these facts! And the portal colors?

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    @WitherStorm (View Post)

     believe whatever you want to believe about the portal colours, I think it was probably on purpose. 

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    Come on, I know more of you have more facts!

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    if you have a stickman spawner in a air only box and put dest on some titanium you can have infinite dust.

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    Try to draw box BCLN(LIGH). You will get powerful lightning storm.

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    Make a shape out of BHOL and draw RFRG around it, it should have a striped pattern.

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